Friday, January 11, 2013

Altius Software ERP Indonesia

Altius Software ERP Indonesia - Along with technological advances, and the high demand of the company, in managing data, are strongly associated with business processes, security, speed, and accuracy, we are, Global Business Solution (GBS), developed a software application, based on ERP, named ALTiUS.

ALTiUS is an integrated accounting, and business software designed primarily, to help you run your business, whether it is a service oriented enterprise, a distribution network, or a manufacturing entity. ALTiUS ERP designed to support your multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-site business. It will effortlessly accommodates growing item, price list, discount, customers, suppliers, warehouses, high-volume transactions, and various detailed financial reports requirements.

ALTiUS we developed, using the best method, the best technology, and the best security, in accordance with international standards. ALTiUS is more than just software / applications, because ALTiUS is an Integrated ERP , which can handle all your company data, with a very high level of security, speed of data management processes, and connect with all divisions (finance, marketing, sales, inventory control, productions, etc.) of your company, in one place, one territory, one city, one province, one country, to cross country.

ALTiUS is an ERP-based applications, which can be customized, according to the needs of your company. This ERP-based applications, it has been widely used by companies that had we serve. This application is able to manage the millions of data, with quicly, secure, robust, and accurate. By using this application, you can hit so many errors, loss and damage, in document / data. Yes, Altius can provide so much positive impact, for your company.

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